A warehouse is a great investment. It can be used to create infrastructure for small businesses of all kinds. You need to invest in buying and maintaining a warehouse, and businesses will pay you for using them for a limited amount of time.

This is a steady business if you have enough to make the initial investment. Warehouses could be used for a variety of purposes beyond storing the goods. Consider these options:

Market place


A shared market space is very much needed by a lot of small business that plan to showcase their work but they don’t have the infrastructure to do so. This is where your warehouse comes in and it can be a lucrative deal because there are always businesses coming in.

It’s important to decide who will do the maintenance related jobs. That could be something your business does on its own and charges for, but it could also be performed by the business using the warehouse.

Film studios


Making a movie requires a lot of equipment and people. This is usually disrupting to a town where the movie is made. Providing the studies with the space to store the equipment near the town could be a great way to earn a lot of money in the short amount of time. The movies are made quickly and the equipment is very valuable.

The most important thing to deal with in this case is the safety of the equipment. This is imperative and you need to be sure that the studios can trust you and know that your warehouse will make their equipment safe.

Server farm


The cloud has proven to be a very useful tool. This is because it allows the businesses to have all the convenience of a large business and its archive without having the infrastructure needed for such a project. The cloud however depends on servers and that’s where your business comes in.

Your warehouse would store and run these servers and you’ll get a fee from all the businesses using your services. It’s imperative that such a warehouse always has acces to electricity and that you hire a few professionals to run the farm. This will mostly be used by medium sized businesses that need such commodities but can’t afford them.


How will you use the warehouse at your disposal?