Creating a successful app (meaning the one that’s both functional and user-friendly) requires a variety of skills from quite a few different experts. As it is often the case with large teams consisting of talented people – finding the right person for the job isn’t always the hardest part. Getting everyone to work together and use their knowledge to create the best product is much more difficult.

It’s important to have in mind that this is a business and that the team will often reflect the values and the managerial style of the CEO.

The product manager


A product manager is basically the CEO of the particular project the team is working on. It’s a point person for the entire operation. That’s why you need to choose someone that understands both the tech and the businesses side of app development. It’s perfectly acceptable for the CEO of the company to do this job if it can’t be delegated. Another way to go is to appoint someone who will counterbalance the creative part of the team by being focused on the marketing side of the project.

Designers and developers


Developers and designers should always work side by side which is something that needs to be taken into account when the team is assembled. The designer creates the interface of the app and the overall look and feel of it. The developers work on the back-end of the app and create its architecture. The two need to work simulation sly in order to get the app that’s both easy to use and fully functional. Once you find the right designers and developers it might be a good idea to keep them as a compact team for the long-term projects.

The DevOps


DevOps has been a controversial subject for a few years now. It’s used to emphasize the collaboration between software developers and information technology. When choosing how to get devops training you need to have the purpose of the training in mind. The goal should be to keep the developer team as self-reliant as possible. The team should be able to write, ship, and support their code. This is not the same as eliminating the IT operations all together. It’s about defining what part of the team has the ownership of the product and allowing everyone to work fast and with confidence.



When organizing a mobile app development t team you need to think about the business side and the tech side of the project in equal measure. The team should always be better than the sum of its parts.