Food businesses come in all shapes and sizes and they could be very lucrative. This doesn’t mean that every food business creates a lot of revenue; most of them go bust like any other business. The goal is to find the business idea that puts a new spin on food business concept that’s been around forever.

You’re going to need and initial investment and some sort marketing campaign to make you stand out form a large number of competitors.

Make your own meal


This concept has become very popular lately. It provides the customers the ability to cook for themselves and to have the produce brought to you in the right amount. This business needs a lot of coordination because the produce needs to come in the right amount and it needs to be frozen or preserved in a way that allows the users to cook whenever they feel like it.

It’s best to tie this up with some sort of app that makes the purchase simple and if necessary automatic. You’re going to need some sort technical experts for starting such a business as well.

Can foods


There’s always a need to be prepared for some sort of disaster to happen. Recent hurricanes have proved that’s important to be prepared for such events and to have enough food and water in your shelter. This food doesn’t have to taste bad in fact it can be tasty and in line with your preferences, as much as that’s possible.

Creating a business that makes and stores such food isn’t that hard and you’re going to need a big investment at first, especially for the storing part. It’s also important to market it in a calm and reassuring way.

Jams and preservers

Jams and preservers are very popular but they feel like they aren’t something you can buy just like that. It’s either very expensive or it’s something that’s homemade and no one has the recipe that your customer really want. That’s where your business should start, by finding the way to patent the jam you’re making.

It’s very important to brand this business from day one. That means that your jams should be easy to recognize but both look and taste. It will be a guarantee that the jam is as good as homemade ones.

Which one of this home businesses would you start?