Eco businesses are exploding right now because there’s a new market for them. Younger generations have much more concern for the environmental issues and they tend to use businesses that share their world view.

These businesses usually require a lot of initial investment, because there’s a need for the equipment at first even if you don’t have customers. The businesses then grow pretty fast and there’s a return on investment that make it worth your while.

Home energy audit


Most homes waste a lot of money on energy because they have old doors and windows or because they don’t utilize natural resources such as sunlight and bushes. This means that you can earn a lot of money by transforming these homes into more energy efficient property.

There are a few experts that can help with establishing this business. Most of all it hires contractor and home designers, but the ecology experts are needed as well. It’s also a good idea to have a couple of tax experts as well because most of these changes are tax deductible.

Green business consultants


The same thing that can be done for private homes can also be done for businesses. The companies need to change their ways and waste less energy. This will attract new customers and help them save money.  This change needs to be set up by the experts.

This business is easy to set up; you just need professionals that can handle the consulting. This means that you can start it without that much investment money, but you need to find ways to get new clients easily and constantly. This is done by working on your marketing.



Organic farming is a very lucrative business righty now. The clients are very much interested in how their food is made and your job should be to provide the safest and the healthiest food. This means that you need to include the consumers in the process and explain to them, what makes your business and its products different.

This business will require you to have a lot of initial investment money, to get the equipment, the produce and the land needed for such a business initiative. There are a lot of government programs to help with establishing small farms.


These businesses will be lucrative in the future. Which one would you start and why?